General Configuration

ConfigGeneralDisable Mouseless Browsing
Disables Mouseless Browsing globally. Only the shortcut for enabling MLB is activated.
Show ids only on demand
Enables you to kept the ids hidden on every page load. If selected you have to press the configured shortcut for toggling MLB on/off to make the ids visible.
Show ids before all images are loaded
If selected the ids will be visible before all images are loaded.
Execute automatically without pressing Enter
If selected the appropriate action is triggered automatically after the specified delay for auto-execution (see next point). Otherwise you have to confirm the input by pressing enter.
Execute action instantly when the id is unique
If selected the appropriate action is triggered instantly when the entered id is unique. E.g. if you enter “7” and there is no other element with id “70”, “71” etc. MLB assumes the id is unique.
Attention: This option generally prevents you from using postfix keys e.g. to open a link in a new tab!
Delay for automatic execution and clearing the keybuffer
Delay after an action is triggered automatically provided that an correct id was entered or the keybuffer is cleared.
Pixels to scroll when pressing shortcuts
Determines the number of pixel to scroll when pressing the configured shortcuts for scrolling (see tab “Keys”)
Maximum number of ids
Max number of ids which are displayed. This prohibits that the initialization of the ids takes to long.