Layout Configuration

Visibility of ids…

Hide all Ids
Hides all Ids. This options is toggled when using the shortcut for toggling the visibility of the ids on/off.
Enable ids for text-links
Shows ids for all text-links. If a link have an image and text it is also shown according this configuration.
Enable Ids for image-links
Shows ids for all pure image-links (an image link which contains only an image and nothing more) on the page.
Enable Ids for form elements
Shows ids for form elements on the page.
Enable Ids for frames
Shows ids for all frames.
Enable Ids for other clickable elements (new in 0.5.2)
Shows ids for all other clickable elements lick FLASH, DIVs etc. Even with this option ticked on not all clickable elements will get an id, as it is technically impossible to detect clickable elements which become “clickable” via java script code.

Other Layout Configuration…

Smart positioning of ids
Smart positioning optimizes the positioning of the ids for form elements and image links to minimize the impact of the overall page layout. For text fields and image links the ids are positioned in the upper right corner of the element. For selectboxes the ids are placed over the arrow button. For other formelements the ids are positioned at the right margin of the element. Enabling smart positioning extends the time for initialization as some more calculations are necessary.
Hide ids for image links for which an identical text link exists (new in 0.5.2)
If selected image links for which an identical text link exists will not be displayed, which reduce initialization time.
Show tab ids (new in 0.5.2)
If selected the ids for tabs are displayed. The ids for tabs (01, 02, etc) are active even if the this option is disabled.
Show keybuffer in statusbar
If selected the current content of the key buffer is displayed in the statusbar.
Show MLB Icon in statusbar
If selected the MLB icon is displayed in the statusbar. By clicking the icon you can easily access the this config dialog or chose other options via its context menu.
Show MLB Menu in the Tools menu
If selected the MLB menu is shown in the Tools menu.