Customize Your Web

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Customize Your Web (CYW) let’s you customize your favorite websites with just a few clicks. All changes are done with an  easy to use “WYSWIG” editor (What you see is what you get).

Read the Wiki-Documentation or  watch the following video to get an impression what you can do with Customize Your Web. It’s a lot!
More Videos can be found here…

The basic principle is as follows: If you want to customize a website you open the edit mode and create a “script” consisting of a series of actions and a defintion for which site the script should be applied. The script with its actions is then executed after every load of the website. Everything is done in a visual editor.

The scripts can be edited and modified at any time by just toggling again into the edit mode.

Customization capabilities includes

  • Removal and rearrangement of elements (cut / copy / paste behavior)
  • Modifying of elements in every possible way (changing size, color, default values ect.)
  • Definition of shortcuts / shortstrings for any clickable element (shortstrings are multi-character shortcuts, e.g. “SO” for a “Sign out” Button)
  • Keyboard navigation support for any list of elements (e.g. the result entries of search)
  • Insertion of arbitrary HTML and JavaScript code (of couse for this you need some programming knowledge)
  • Definition of small macros which are triggered by shortcut
  • Automatically triggering actions on page load (e.g. for automatic click on a login button or focusing a special field)